Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first virtual Annual Membership Meeting. We had approximately 80 homeowners and were provided some great information about Legacy Park and the City of Kennesaw. Thank you to Chief Westenberger for taking the time to share news from the City.

Congratulations to Michaela Hicks and Mike Sesan for being elected to serve on the Board for 2021 – 2022. They join the other Board members: Nimesh Patel, David Kirkland, and David Veres. We look forward to a productive 2021! Below are the results of the election with a total of 361 votes cast, which represents 20.7% of the total possible votes:

202 Michaela Hicks 56.0%
190 Mike Sesan 42.6%
147 Bob Mulligan 40.7%
124 Michael Altman 34.3%