February 17, 2005 Board Meeting: Motion made by Jeff Miller that each committee of the HOA Board be required to hold open meetings, schedule the meetings, announce such meetings, take minutes and vote on issues within these meetings as the Board does in their meetings, following Robert’s Rules of Order. The unapproved minutes would then be copied to the Board within 3 days after the meeting was held, the approved minutes would follow the same process once approved. Motion approved 2 – 1. April 21, 2005 Board Meeting: Committee Hierarchy & Accountability – Jeff Miller reported on the hierarchy of the levels of Legacy ParkRead More →

Cub Scout Pack 002 Brett Reece cubmaster@pack002.com Boy Scout Troop 002 Jeff Higgins scoutmaster@troop002.org Elections Committee Bill O’Rourke elections@legacypark.org Finance Committee Peter Carpey pcarpey@comcast.net Active Adults 55+ John Husselman jhusselman@bellsouth.net Welcome Committee Lindsie Griffin welcome@legacypark.org Activities Committee Morgan Johnson activitiesdirector@legacypark.org Landscape Committee Melissa Agnes landscape@legacypark.orgRead More →