Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

2022 Budget Planning Meeting

We are once again gearing up for another year in Legacy Park. 2022 is just around the corner.   We are working towards a goal to have the budget process finalized by the end of October.   The Board will vote at their November meeting to approve the budget.

All homeowners, Legacy Park groups, and neighborhoods are welcome to submit budget requests to the HOA office.  Requests should be made in writing and submitted to the property manager by August 31st.   Please include as much information as you have and any research you have done concerning your specific budget request.  The more details, the better!

Requests will be reviews by the appropriate committee, the Finance Committee, and the Legacy Park Board of Directors during the 2022 budget planning process.   There are no guarantees that any requests will have funds allocated, but all requests will be considered.

We will post the Finance Committee meeting dates and times on the website.  Legacy Park members are welcome to attend to view the process of preparing a budget for our community.

If you have questions or are interested in serving on the Finance Committee, please contact the HOA office at 770-919-2556 or via email at  The committee has consisted of some great volunteers who have strong financial backgrounds and have done this with us for many years.   While we need our financial gurus, we also need some new volunteers with an open mind, willingness to listen, and give constructive feedback. We love new faces and ideas, so please join us in the planning stage!  

2022 Election – Committee Members Needed

We are gearing up to begin the 2022 Board of Directors Election and need volunteers to assist with the process.

The actual voting process is done by a third-party vendor, i.e., there is NO counting of ballots by the committee nor the HOA. The Committee will work with the Community Manager on the following:

  • Review the contract with the election administration vendor;
  • Develop a list of questions for candidates that will be published to the community;
  • Organize a Candidates’ Forum for the community;
  • Announce the election results at the Annual Meeting;
  • Recommend suggestions for recruitment of Board candidates and ideas on how to increase resident participation in voting; and
  • Any other election tasks the Committee recommends.

We love new faces and fresh ideas, please consider joining us!  If you have questions or interest in serving on the Election Committee, please contact Lisa Neff at the HOA office at 770-919-2556 or via email at