It’s hard to believe that May 17th marked 15 years of dedicated service to the Legacy Park HOA and community for our beloved Joanne. Time sure does fly by when we’re having fun and when Joanne is around, everybody has fun! Though she takes her job very seriously, for those of us lucky enough to work alongside her, she provides plenty of much needed comic relief on the regular. It’s like having our own resident standup comedian right in the office. And yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who cares more about the community and the people of Legacy Park than Joanne.

When she first started working for Legacy Park in 2004, her daughter Gab was getting ready to start kindergarten, a monumental time in any parent’s life! While watching her own daughter grow up in our loving community through the years, Joanne has been engaged with so many families who have experienced the same. Those kids have graduated from high school now with a lifetime of Legacy Park memories! Many may not remember that Joanne got her start helping with events in Legacy Park, but it wasn’t long before her awesome people skills lead her to be promoted to our full-time Covenant Enforcement Manager. She now serves as the Assistant Property Manager helping in all aspects of the HOA.

Joanne is that person that goes above and beyond to help people, because she loves it! We’ve all watched as customer service has dwindled in many areas; Joanne will not have any of that! She’s helped in every job in the HOA office, whether it was in her job description or not. With all the changes in the past 3 years, Joanne has been here always ready and willing to step up and keep things moving along! She’s a true asset and ready to tackle any task given to her!

Please join us in thanking Joanne for her continued dedication to a community she lives in and truly loves!