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Committee and Group Hierarchy

February 17, 2005 Board Meeting:
Motion made by Jeff Miller that each committee of the HOA Board be required to hold open meetings, schedule the meetings, announce such meetings, take minutes and vote on issues within these meetings as the Board does in their meetings, following Robert’s Rules of Order. The unapproved minutes would then be copied to the Board within 3 days after the meeting was held, the approved minutes would follow the same process once approved. Motion approved 2 – 1.

April 21, 2005 Board Meeting:
Committee Hierarchy & Accountability
– Jeff Miller reported on the hierarchy of the levels of Legacy Park groups (see below). A Motion was made by Jeff to approve the hierarchy of groups as listed on the attached report. Motion approved 3 – 0 with 1 abstention.

Legacy Park Committee and Group Hierarchy


These are committees and groups that are overseen directly by the HOA Board. This includes chartered organizations. These groups include & are not limited to: Amenities Committee, Elections Committee, Environmental Committee, Landscape Committee, Survey Committee, Tennis Committee, Town Council, Legacy Park Sports Leagues, Legacy Park Cub Scout Pack 002, and Youth Event Staff. The Legacy Park Woman’s Group approved as Tier 1 May 19, 2005.


These are groups that have a majority of Legacy Park residents as members but do not report and are not overseen by the HOA Board. These groups include and are not limited to: Individual scout patrols & dens, bunko groups, play groups.


These are groups that are primarily community groups that may have some Legacy Park residents as members. These groups are not overseen, nor do they report to the HOA Board. These groups include and are not limited to: School PTA’s, Adam’s Park Sports Teams, Church Groups, Optimist Club, motorcycle clubs.

Effective 04/21/05
Modified 05/19/05

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