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Election Communication

Election Communication

During the election process, please remember that the HOA does not endorse any candidate(s). The HOA handles the official communication of election details to residents, along with Vote- Now. This specific process allows the residents to have all the information about the candidates before a vote is cast. Other information may be sent by the individual candidates.

The official communication includes:

  • Correspondence on LP HOA letterhead;
  • The Legacy Park Town Herald newsletter;
  • Legacy Park website; and
  • Legacy Park e-mail distribution from the property manager and/or Vote Now.

These communication tools are controlled and maintained by the Legacy Park HOA. The HOA does not maintain or control any social media discussion boards, except for the official Legacy Park Community Association page. This page is for information only and is not an open forum for discussion. While there may be other Facebook pages with “Legacy Park” in their name, they are not an official form of communication and they are not controlled by the HOA. It is not a violation of the Association’s governing documents for members (homeowners) to campaign for Board positions or to go door to door. If you want to guarantee how your vote is counted, you must complete and sign your Ballot or vote electronically for the candidates you choose. The Ballot mailed to you includes all possible candidates through the date of the mail- out.

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