Board Meeting Tonight 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse
Get an update on:
The financial status of the community
The status of the 2019 projects and other on-going items
Meet the HOA staff and Board Members

Call to Order & Introduction of 2019 Officers – Karl Phillips

Approval of Meeting Minutes – David Bailey 
a. March 7, 2019 – Organizational Meeting 
b. March 7, 2019 – Planning Session
c. March 7, 2019 – Executive Session

Treasurer Report – David Kirkland
a. January & February Financial Updates
b. January & February Capital Expenditure Approval
c. January & February Adjustment Report

Property Management Update
a. Management Report
b. Covenant Enforcement Report
c. Activities & Sport Report

Committee Reports
a. Boy Scouts – Minutes Attached
b. Rental Committee – Minutes Attached
c. Tennis Committee – Minutes Attached
d. Welcome Committee – Minutes Attached

Open Forum

Old Business   

New Business 
a. Call for Committee Volunteers

Adjournment to Executive Session
a. Appeals 
b. Personnel
c. Legal