Mission: To enjoy the game while promoting positive attitudes and fitness.

Board of Directors: Scott Thiewes and Pierre Joseph

Contact: Please contact Scott Thiewes at scottthiewes@comcast.net for any questions related to Adult Soccer.

This is an informal soccer league that plays pick-up games.

Club Rules and Information

  • The Annual Season begins in September. However, we accept players all during the season.
  • All players must be at least 18 years old to play. No exceptions.
  • All players must register online and accept applicable waivers with the appropriate fees.
  • This is not a city or county-funded league. It is a CLOSED CLUB. The Soccer Board will determine the proper and/or desired growth rate for players and determine when/if sponsored guests may register.
  • To participate in either Pickup or Tournament play, players MUST BE:
  • Legacy Park Residents are guaranteed the right to use the Town Green. Still, residency does not automatically allow play in the LP Adult Soccer League without payment in full and the appropriate paperwork approved by the Legacy Park Adult Soccer Board.
  • If/when playing cards are issued to paid members, Players must have their Legacy Park Adult Player Card with them any time they play on the Legacy Park fields.
  • Saturday play occurs between 8:00 and 10:00 am…adjusted slightly during the Legacy Park Youth Soccer season.
  • Weekday (usually Tues/Thurs) NON-Daylight Savings Time play takes place from 6:30-9:00 pm.
  • Weekday (usually Tues/Thurs) Daylight Savings Time begins no earlier than 5 pm and will not be allowed when there are less than 60 minutes of daylight.
  • Play will be canceled during:
    • Community Events – Legacy Park is hosting an event on Town Green ( ex. 4th of July, etc.).
    • Poor Weather – Heavy rain, thundering, lightning, tornado, etc.) or fields that are too wet from previous rain.
    • Maintenance – Legacy Park is performing occasional ground repairs.
  • When play is canceled in advance, the Board will attempt to find a suitable non-Legacy Park field for those dates.
  • Players who arrive late on any of the days above will first be substitutes if teams are even in number or capacity.
  • When the number of subs on the sideline reaches five or more, a second game will be started on an alternate field, and additional players showing up will join that game. (It pays to be on time!


  • Legacy Park Residents – $40 (who pay $700 a year in HOA fees which in part pay for the upkeep of the Town Green)
  • Non-Residents – $80
  • Guests – $5 (per guest)
    • Players PAID IN FULL are allowed to bring guests during Pick-up play and must pay this fee BEFORE their guest(s) can play. Guests are not allowed to participate in Member Only League Play.
  • These fees allow all paid members to participate in both Legacy Park Play (Saturdays only) and Pick-up games (including weekdays) at no additional cost. These fees apply to designated park access and will not be apportioned for limited playing time on any given day due to weather, community activities, etc. All Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-NEGOTIABLE, NON-PRORATED, and apply when joining at ANY TIME during the season.

New Players

  • New Players must fill out the form below, accept the waivers, and pay applicable fees. Upon Board approval, they can participate.


  • Jerseys will be available on a first-come basis.
  • All players bring one light and one dark jersey when playing anytime and anywhere with LP Adult Soccer.
  • Non-residents must have a Legacy Park Resident Sponsor.

Residents: Click here to register!

Non-residents: Click here to register!


  • Tournaments may occur twice during the annual season, in both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.
  • Specific Rules will be provided to all players via e-mail prior to any Tournament.
  • Teams will be selected from the Active Membership Roster at that time.
  • Players may volunteer to be a coach for any of the teams selected.
  • As in the Player Conduct, excessive arguing, foul language, or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Captains will ask offending players to discontinue their behavior immediately. If the player continues this behavior, the Captains will issue a Yellow Card. The player must leave the field for 5 minutes, and the team must play a player down. If a player refuses to leave or receives a second yellow card in the game, he is issued a Red Card and must leave the field for the remainder of the game. Two Red Cards in one season will result in dismissal from the Legacy Park Adult Soccer League for the rest of the season, including pickup play.