Fall 2020 Season– CANCELED

The Board also decided to cancel the fall youth soccer recreation league and t-ball. With the mandates in the Governor’s Executive Order, it will be challenging to put the burden on volunteer coaches and parents to ensure all the rules are followed when managing our children that are 3-12 years old. If you paid for the spring season that was canceled, and have not been refunded your fee, we offer you two options:  

  1. We can issue a credit to your HOA account that can be applied to your 2021 assessments or the next soccer season, or 
  2. We can issue a refund to you. Please let us know by email which option you choose and allow 2 weeks for it to be processed. 

Please send an email to Candace Cole with the option that you choose and allow 2 weeks for it to be processed.

T-Ball in Legacy Park is for BOTH boys and girls! Legacy Park T-Ball league is for Legacy Park children ages 3 to 5.

Legacy Park needs you to help out as a TBall as a Parent Coach! Please contact the Legacy Park Sports Coordinator at sports@legacypark.org if interested.

The rules of play are designed to develop players’ skills and add excitement to the game. The players have a wide variety of skill levels and all are welcome to join the fun.

Games are played right here at Legacy Park on Sunday afternoons. Practices will be set up by coaches – once or twice weekly in the evening based on preferences and availability of the teams. The season concludes with a party and trophy ceremony. T-ball games cancelled due to weather will try to be rescheduled by the league on weekdays if both teams are available.

  • July 29th -August 11th: Registration (online with payment via PayPal)
  • August 11th- August 18th: LATE Registration (online with payment via PayPal)
  • Registration ENDS AUGUST 18th!
  • First Game will be September 12th

Regular Season Game Schedule:








10/31/2020 (End of Season Party

*Games during 9/25 – 10/4 could change when we know about the new school calendar*

All Games will be on Sunday afternoons: TB: 2 PM

Registration fees pay for jersey, trophies and party. Legacy Park will supply balls, bats, back up helmets, hats and shirts. Parents will be responsible for helmets, pants, gloves and cleats. Legacy Park does have a few helmets but strongly suggest providing your own to ensure proper fit and where not shared.

Registration Fee Schedule

  • Legacy Park Resident: $35
  • Non-Legacy Park Resident: $50

Need parent volunteers to direct or coach the League! Please contact the Sports Coordinator at sports@legacypark.org if interested! Fees will be waived if can coach.


The game is the entry sport to baseball and softball for young players, generally four to six years old. Members of two teams take turns hitting a ball off a batting tee set on home plate. Batters try to get on base and advance to home; fielders try to prevent that from happening. The elimination of pitching allows children to learn proper mechanics and participate without the fear of being hit by a pitched ball. Tee ball develops the primary baseball skills of hitting, running, fielding and throwing. The players gain an understanding of the fundamental rules, which allows minimally competitive league play at all age levels.


  • 50 feet between the bases.
  • Every player bats and plays in the field.
  • The ball is hit off a batting tee; there is no pitching.
  • There are no walks or strikeouts.
  • The ball must travel 10 feet or it is a foul.
  • No stealing. Player stays on the base until the ball is hit.
  • An inning is over when all the players have batted once or three outs are recorded.
  • Standard game is four innings or one hour, whichever occurs first.
  • Score is not kept. Emphasis is on skill-building, learning experience, where the score is not the focus of the game.
  • Safety helmets must be worn.

Contact Sports Coordinator at sports@legacypark.org with any questions.