Fall 2020 Season

Legacy Park Youth Activities offers a recreational soccer league for Legacy Park’s children, ages 3 through 13. Younger children start out in the small sided program that is designed to enhance each individual child’s skill level by maximizing the amount of time they touch the ball and to provide a non-competitive environment where learning and fun are emphasized. Older children are taught skills and rules of the game. Legacy Park abides by the “Laws of the Game” as published by FIFA with some modifications made for youth players.

Important Dates

  • July 28th -August 11th: Registration (online with payment via PayPal)
  • August 11th- August 18th: LATE Registration (online with payment via PayPal)
  • Registration ENDS AUGUST 18th!
  • First Game will be September 12th

Regular Season Game Schedule:







NO GAMES 10/24/2020 (Picnic in the Park Event & July 4th Make up EVENT)

10/31/2020 (End of Season Party

*Games during 9/25 – 10/4 could change when we know about the new school calendar*
* Times are different for each age group*

The full schedule for each age group can be found here .


The divisions for our program are in alignment with the other large recreational programs in Georgia. We will offer U5, U6, U8, U11, and U14 (see descriptions below). The number of teams will depend on the number of registered children and the divisions may be combined.

Under 5 (U5):  for 3 and younger 4 year olds:8-10 children on a team3 on 3 format (with no goalie)15 minute practice followed by a 15-30 minute gameFocus on basic skills through having funBall Size #3
Under 6 (U6):  for older 4 year olds and 5 year olds:8-10 children on a team4 on 4 format (with no goalie)15 minute warmup/practice followed by 20 minute halves and 5 minute half timeFocus on foot introducing passing, foot skills and throw insBall Size #3
Under 8 (U8):  for 6-7 year olds:12-14 children on a team6 on 6 format (including a goalie)10 minute warm up prior to game starting followed by 25 minute halves (10 minute half time)Focus on rules of the game including hand balls. New skills to introduce and work on are throw ins, goal kicks and corner kicks.Ball size #4
Under 11 (U11):  for 8-10 year olds:12-15 children on a team7 on 7 format (including a goalie)15 minute warm up followed by a 40 minute gameFocus on throw ins, corner kicks, goal kicks, direct kicks (hand ball in goal area), indirect kicks, passing skills, penalty kicks.Ball size #4
Under 14 (U14):  for 11-13 year olds:14-18 children on a teamMinimum 8 on 8 format (including a goalie)15 minute warm up followed by a 60 minute gameFocus on advanced skillsBall size #4

The coordinators, coaches and assistant coaches are ALL volunteers. We appreciate their time and commitment. Most of the parents are not professional soccer players, but just being a leader to the children is important. If you know what a soccer ball looks like, you are qualified to coach or assist. Important: While registering your players, please consider volunteering your time to make the soccer program a success. Coaches and Assistant Coaches are needed.

Cost Per Season


Registration includes a team jersey, trophy and an end of season party. The fees charged help to cover the costs of referees and necessary equipment. Late registration adds $10 to the pricing shown above and begins on February 5th.

Late registration fees are applicable to anyone that registered either late or did not pay fee at time of registration. Team placements/requests are not guaranteed based on team numbers.

*** Residents must be in good standing with HOA in order for child to play.***

Note: Due to guest ratio limits, team placement for non-residents is not guaranteed until rosters are complete. All residents (in good standing with the HOA) that register during the registration period are guaranteed placement.


The Youth Soccer – Each week will consist of one game depending on the number of teams per age group, some may have double headers to accommodate. Start time will be Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. There will be a warm-up session scheduled before each game. Coaches, especially of the older age groups (U8 and up), are encouraged to schedule a practice during the week.

Game/Practice Location – Town Green

To make our program successful, parents are needed as volunteers.

Participants must consent to the medical release form.

Please note special team requests at time of registration in the “special requests” field. While all requests cannot be granted we will try our best to accommodate each request.

For more information, contact Sports Coordinator (sports@legacypark.org)