Welcome to the Legacy Park Soccer Club Travel Team, home of the 2020 Georgia State Rec Champions!

What began as just a neighborhood team in 2019, quickly developed into a U16 program that has wreaked havoc on unsuspecting teams across the state of Georgia. 

In 2019, with barely enough players to field one team, we won just 3 games. It hurt. But it didn’t make us bitter, it made us better.  We continued to practice, to grow, to build.  By Fall 2020, we had 2 full championship caliber teams. We went 10-0 and 9-1 in regular season play just one year after the creation of our program.  And it wasn’t even close.  These weren’t nail biters, these were blow outs.  In fact, one team only allowed 4 goals against them ALL SEASON.

Our success has created an opportunity for more teams and more players.   

U14: Cheetahs- players born in 2008/09

U16: Leopards- players born in 2006/07

U19: Lions- players born in 2003/04

Click Register to hold your spot below and pay the non-refundable $100 for residents, $140 for non residents

 Our registration fees include the following:

-Customized uniforms, socks, warmup shirt and gear bag (New players only)

-Season and tournament fees

-End of Season Formal Banquet and Presentation Awards

Why come play for LPSC?

We are a group of a young men and women with an unparalleled work ethic and hunger, led by an outstanding group of volunteer coaches who push us everyday to be the best we can be, on the field and in the real world. We are dedicated athletes who practice our craft tirelessly. We travel all over North Georgia, competing at an extremely high level, never satisfied with anything less than victory.  We are active in our community, building relationships with individuals and businesses to grow our program far beyond what we had hoped.  We are students who excel in the classroom.  We are family, a family that plays together, laughs together and pushes together.  We are leaders.  We are champions. We are Legacy.

Thank you to our sponsors!