All HOA Board candidates had the opportunity to submit information about themselves and the opportunity to submit answers to four standard questions asked by the Elections Committee for publication to the community. Candidates are responsible for their own statements and answers. The information provided by the candidates has not been edited (other than formatted to fit the space) nor verified for its accuracy by the HOA.

David Bailey – Lullwater


My wife and I moved into Legacy Park in March of 2014 and have really enjoyed getting to know our neighbors and experiencing much of what Legacy Park has to offer. In the past four years I have observed the way Legacy Park residents interact and respond to changes. I want to be a part of LP’s HOA board to bring a fresh perspective from a young family’s point of view.

I have a good eye for detail and know how to use the bylaws and regulations of this neighborhood to continue to make this neighborhood a fantastic place to raise a family. I don’t have specific goals or plans to implement change if elected. Instead, my plan is to look at every proposal with an open mind and to make my own proposals to reflect what the community needs. Common sense has served me well in my career and governing boards such as this one can always benefit from the same level of common sense. I hope to meet many of you around the neighborhood and on social media to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for your support; see you around the neighborhood!


My family routinely makes use of the walking track (sidewalk around the circle), the playgrounds, the pools, walking trails, and other amenities. My son loves to be pushed around the circle in his little red car (and say “beep beep” to people). We also enjoy participating in the neighborhood events; our favorites include the firework shows, occasional food trucks, and silently watching the unofficial Facebook page.


I am a licensed attorney and currently serve Cobb County as a prosecutor. I have volunteered for a number of non-profit organizations. During my career and education, I have also been a part of committees for various events and internal policy reform.

1. What do you consider to be the most important job of an HOA Board member?

  • The most important job of an HOA Board member is protecting property values and quality of life for the members. Every HOA should be focused on maintaining and improving property values. HOA board members should also consider how potential decisions effect the community members and look for ways to work with the members to obtain this goal.

2. Please choose an issue that you feel should be addressed in Legacy Park and describe how it can be resolved.

  • Legacy Park has been around for decades and I believe that our community runs very efficiently. For this reason, I am not looking to address any singular issue. Things can always be improved or adjusted to meet the needs of our community, and as a member of the board, I would look to hear from each committee and group within LP to identify and address potential concerns.
  • One of the hot-button issues in every HOA community is the dues. While I understand that dues are necessary and adjustment of dues is sometimes required to keep up with the rest of the world, I would like to explore options to decrease the number of delinquent accounts. I am not proposing that we cut dues, but I know from speaking to several members that paying a year’s worth of dues immediately following the most expensive holiday season of the year can be a challenge. I think that exploring options to allow residents to pay monthly or quarterly may help some members budget and stay up to date. Those who like paying annually wouldn’t be affected by anything I suggest on this topic.

3. What is your current or has been your past involvement in Legacy Park?

  • My wife and I purchased our first home in Legacy Park in 2014. Since then we have enjoyed much of what Legacy Park has to offer by the way of amenities and events. I have not previously had an opportunity to serve in a leadership role, but I am now in a situation where I can take the time to do so. If given the opportunity to serve on the board, I will look forward to getting to know you all and continuing to enjoy our community.

4. What skills or background do you possess that will contribute to being an HOA Board member?

  • I attended Kennesaw State University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in political science; after, I went to receive my law degree from Emory University School of Law. Since graduating from law school, I have been a prosecutor in Cobb County. On a day to day basis, I deal with politics, law, rules, and regulations. I also routinely have to make difficult decisions and work with others to obtain the best result for society. Overall, my role as a public servant has given me insight and experience in working with governing boards. I know how to use bylaws and regulations to accomplish goals, and I am accomplished in solving issues with a necessary combination of discretion and reasonableness.

5. What two things would you like to change to enhance Legacy Park in the future?

  • One possible change (as addressed above) would be exploring payment options for member dues.
  • Another issue that seems to be of ongoing concern in our community is safety. I would like to explore options for deterring crime and promoting safe practices on community property and throughout our community.