All HOA Board candidates had the opportunity to submit information about themselves and the opportunity to submit answers to four standard questions asked by the Elections Committee for publication to the community. Candidates are responsible for their own statements and answers. The information provided by the candidates has not been edited (other than formatted to fit the space) nor verified for its accuracy by the HOA.

Lisa Campbell Harper – Kentmere


I am interested in serving the Legacy Park HOA with my neighbors, to enhance our shared community values including landscaping, social connections, community events, and amenities. I believe in the vision of the original developers who founded our community based on the ideas of Frederick Law Olmsted: creating ideal suburban communities with areas of common greenspace for enjoying nature and outdoor activities. I am excited to share my expertise in communications, organizational planning and team building. I’m also eager to help promote our shared areas of interest through my knowledge of digital marketing, public relations and social media.


Lisa is a long time Georgia resident by way of Texas with stops in Tennessee and Michigan. She is married to Mark Harper and they co-parent a sweet cocker spaniel, Lily. A gardener, reader, antique collector and cook, Lisa is active in a monthly Canning Club, Book Club and politics. She enjoys travel including annual surfing trips and literary events. Lisa and Mark moved to Kennesaw in 2017 to be close to Lisa’s parents who also live in Legacy Park, Gayle and Ron Campbell. They especially enjoy walking along the beautiful Legacy Park trails, swimming and occasionally a few rounds of tennis!

Lisa has two certifications especially relevant to the Legacy Park HOA:

  • The Atlanta Women’s Foundation: Women On the Board Not-for-Profit Executive BoardGovernance Training Level I
  • The Atlanta Women’s Foundation: Women on the Board Not-for-Profit Executive BoardGovernance Training Level II

Lisa’s community involvement includes several neighborhood leadership positions:

  • Chair of Publicity & Communications Druid Hills Tour of Homes & Gardens 2011-2017
    Founded in 1938 to preserve Atlanta’s Druid Hills neighborhood and to protect its unique heritage of parks and architecture.
  • Manager Website & Social / Member
    Lullwater Garden Club 2015– Present
    Formed in 1928, the club is involved with civic projects of landscaping and conservation and continues this tradition today with projects throughout the community including the Lullwater Conservation Garden.


With more than 25 years of leadership experience in marketing and advertising, Lisa helps clients build distinctive brands, launch new technologies and inspire community interest. Working closely with multi-disciplinary teams, Lisa facilitates strategic workshops to identify future growth opportunities, develop products and cultivate new services. During her career she has developed omni-channel communication strategies for global brands such as SAAB, Graco, Goody and General Motors.

As Managing Director and an equity partner for LBi (Publicis), Lisa was responsible for acquiring and developing global client relationships such as Newell Rubbermaid, Turner, United Way, UPS and Bayer. During her tenure at Carlson Marketing Group, Lisa’s team launched the first ecommerce website for The Home Depot. Her team also launched the Coca-Cola Youth Partnership a strategic, stakeholder-based approach to supporting communities through proactive solutions.

An entrepreneur, Lisa most recently co-founded BRANDfit Consulting in 2017, helping clients and organizations engage with and amplify the voices, contributions and connections of Women 45+.

1.What do you consider to be the most important job of an HOA Board member?

The Legacy Park Homeowners Association Board Member’s primary role is to serve as a fiduciary advisor who guides the HOA toward a sustainable future by implementing sound, ethical, legal and financial policies. Her job is to make sure our organization has adequate resources to advance our shared mission of protecting the integrity of Legacy Park and to ensure the collective rights and interests of homeowners are respected and preserved.The HOA Board member has three primary duties: Duty of Care (taking care of the community ensuring prudent use of all assets), Duty of Loyalty (making decisions that are in the best interest of all of the Homeowners) and Duty of Obedience (making sure the HOA obeys applicable laws, ordinances and regulations; follows our own bylaws; and adheres to our stated purpose.) The Legacy Park HOA Board will succeed in this job when they cultivate a real sense of community, active homeowner participation and a culture of consensus building.

2. Please choose an issue that you feel should be addressed in Legacy Park and describe how it can be resolved.

In order to increase homeowner participation in HOA, the Legacy Park HOA Board may consider innovative ways to practice openness and transparency, building greater trust, reducing conflict and increasing involvement. Homeowners are likely to join in when they have a sense of inclusiveness and when it’s easy. HOA board business is public information and required to be easily accessible to homeowners. We could utilize technology in creative ways and place greater emphasis on clear, detailed and frequent communication with open door, open email and open phone policies.

For example, we could implement monthly Board Meetings and Planning Sessions via Video or Conference Calls for homeowners making it easy to join virtually from anywhere for those who cannot join in person. These video and audio recorded sessions could also be hosted on our website for homeowners to view or listen to at times that are convenient.

Additionally, budgets, landscaping plans and amenity upgrade plans could be shared via password protected access to homeowners on our website. We might also take advantage of additional social media channels to connect with a larger group of interested homeowners on a frequent basis to recognize leaders doing good in our community, celebrate our neighbors, and gauge interest in upcoming events and activities.

Further, I would suggest appointing new committees to spur greater inclusiveness and build homeowner participation. Accepting volunteers and organizing new committees or reinvigorating existing committees to assist with projects like neighborhood watch, landscaping, tennis, maintenance, or other issues that are important to our group will help bring our mission to life, as well as, foster ongoing shared community interest. In addition to sharing the load, greater diversity of viewpoints and experience will benefit our neighborhood.

3. What is your current or has been your past involvement in Legacy Park?

During the one year that I have lived in Legacy Park I have participated in several Board Meetings, Board Planning Sessions and served on the Finance Committee.

4. What skills or background do you possess that will contribute to being an HOA Board member?

In addition to Non-Profit Board Training, I offer 25+ years of professional leadership and management experience that may benefit the HOA including the following skills:

  • Effective communicator, workshop facilitator, and pubic speaker with a willingness to share, ability to listen and learn
  • Marketing, public relations, branding and media consulting expertise
  • Experience delegating, inspiring and managing teams
  • Culture and consensus building skills with Fortune 500 clients and non-profitorganizations
  • Technology experience including website, ecommerce, email, mobile, SEO, and socialmedia
  • Consistency and willingness to roll up my sleeves to do hard things
  • Proactive, positive and able to exercise objectivity and fairness
  • Familiarity with contract negotiations, RFP development and vendor management
  • Financial and budget oversight building and managing companies from $1M to $10M inrevenue including staffing, facilities, operations, benefits and marketing

5. What two things would you like to change to enhance Legacy Park in the future?

Multi Year Strategic Plan:
I would like the HOA Board to develop a Strategic Plan to drive the vision, direction, resources, and decisions made in the daily course of conducting HOA operations. A strategic plan would help to establish common goals and objectives to guide leadership priorities and unite homeowners. The Strategic Plan will help to ensure the Board’s actions are consistent with achieving short term and long-term strategic goals, help with scheduling projects in a proactive manner to take advantage of pricing opportunities and timing dependencies, and place decisions required for implementation on a multi-year calendar to ensure adequate time for homeowner input and preparation, and enable the HOA to allocate resources strategically.

Annual Homeowner Survey:
As decision makers for the community, it is necessary for the HOA Board to have some form of outreach to understand the priorities and needs of all the members in our community. I would like to suggest the HOA implement an annual or quarterly survey (online) asking homeowners for their perspective on needs and polling homeowners about what is important to them. Results could be shared with the homeowners in a meeting and via the newsletter or website and aligned with strategic imperatives to demonstrate true commitment to representation of the collective needs and shared interests of our homeowners.

Nice to Have…HOA Board Member Ongoing Education:
I would also like to adopt a policy that each Board Member will commit to increasing their own knowledge of best practices by attending at least three hours of HOA education annually or hosting a board training session at the start of the new board term. I would also encourage membership in the Community Associations Institute ( to further develop skills, leverage strategic alliances and gain access to relevant resources.