David Kirkland – Winterthur

Personal: Former Marine
Business Owner – Contracting and Construction
Legacy Park Activities: Board Member 2018-2020 (Treasurer)
Town Council Board Member 2006-2007
Soccer Coach
Chair of the Covenants Committee
Lullwater Neighborhood Watch
Chair of the Deer Population Committee
Founded the Finance Committee

Why run for the board? I love Legacy Park and feel this community has more potential than is currently realized. I believe in fiscal responsibility and have worked as Treasurer to ensure that the neighborhood finances are transparent. I moved to Legacy Park in 2005, living in both Lullwater and Winterthur. I’ve seen this neighborhood grow and change and have been lucky to be a part of it. After not being on the board for over 10 years, I would like to continue to serve this community for another 2 years bringing a level head and a budget focused mentality to the board. Other Expertise: As a contractor, home values are my area of expertise. This experience also brings consistent, qualified decision making for the issues that come up with the management of the HOA. My knowledge and insight also ensure that all members of the board and the community can understand the ins and outs of a project that the HOA may need completed.