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Vandalism Policy


We need your help!

Did you know that Legacy Park HOA has spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS repairing damages caused by Vandalism? Vandalism has been on the rise in Legacy Park. From common “mischievous behavior” to significant damage bearing legal consequences with the police, vandalism is becoming a daily occurrence. As a homeowner we need to all work together to guard against any vandalism or crime.

Legacy Park is YOUR property. Repairs are paid with your HOA dues. One way to keep annual assessment low is to reduce the money the HOA spends on vandalism repairs. We ask all residents to keep a watchful eye and report anyone you see damaging the property. Obtain as much information as you can, call the police and then call the Legacy Park HOA office.

The covenants and by-laws state that each homeowner is responsible for its families and guests while on Legacy Park property. The HOA Board of Directors has adopted a policy to aggressively seek out those who vandalize our community. Anyone caught in the act of vandalism will be held financially responsible for all damages and charges will be pressed with local law enforcement if necessary. Please help us keep our community safe and report any activity that seems inappropriate.

Policy on Vandalism and Destruction or Damage of Legacy Park Property


  • To protect the Legacy Park amenities, common property, structures and neighborhoods from the damaging effects of vandalism, abuse and misuse which reduces the overall appeal of the community, thus reducing our property values, as well as welcoming additional crime.


  • Category A – Misuse of Property: Any act of vandalism, misuse, destruction or damage of property causing unnecessary repair or replacement or posing a possible safety concern to others. Damage may be immediate or over a period of time. Misuse of property may or may not be willful or malicious. (Example: use of property in a manner other than which it was originally intended not causing immediate damage, but if left uncontrolled will cause damage over time)
  • Category B – Destruction or Damage of Property: The act of damaging or destroying property not necessarily done with willful or malicious intent but as an act of negligence or indifference. (Example: use of property in a manner other than which it was intended causing damage)
  • Category C – Vandalism: A willful or malicious destruction or defacement of Legacy Park property. (Example: graffiti, fire, theft, etc.)


  • Call the Police by dialing 911.
  • Contact the Legacy Park HOA office and notify them of the damage. • Police Report will be filed if the act is determined to be an act of vandalism.
  • If the party committing the offense is known, the violation process outlined herein will be implemented.


  • Each homeowner is responsible for any act of vandalism, destruction, damage or misuse of property committed by any member or guest of his/her household.
  • Homeowners will be sent a violation notice for incident(s) and must speak with HOA Property Manager, HOA Board of Directors or appointed person(s) within 10 days.

Policy Statement and Repercussions

This statement and policy covers three categories as outlined in “definitions” above.

  • Category A, Misuse of property ~ May carry a fine
  • Category B, Damage/destruction of property ~ Will carry a fine ~ Requires payment from homeowner for repair or replacement of item(s)
  • Category C, Vandalism ~ Will carry a fine ~ Requires payment from homeowner for repair or replacement of item(s) ~ Formal charges may be filed with the police department


A reward may be paid to any homeowner providing information that leads the HOA to the party(s) responsible for vandalism on Legacy Park property. The Property Manager, HOA Board or its appointee will determine the amount of the reward on a case-by-case basis.

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