VANDALISM WITHIN LEGACY PARK We need your help! Did you know that Legacy Park HOA has spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS repairing damages caused by Vandalism? Vandalism has been on the rise in Legacy Park. From common “mischievous behavior” to significant damage bearing legal consequences with the police, vandalism is becoming a daily occurrence. As a homeowner we need to all work together to guard against any vandalism or crime. Legacy Park is YOUR property. Repairs are paid with your HOA dues. One way to keep annual assessment low is to reduce the money the HOA spends on vandalism repairs. We ask all residents to keepRead More →

Commercial Businesses on Legacy Park’s Common Property Initially Adopted June 21, 2007 Revised June 18, 2015 Click here to download the policy. WHEREAS, a motion to require approval of the Legacy Park Board of Directors (“Board”) for any commercial business operating on Legacy Park property was approved at the June 21, 2007 Board of Directors Regular Meeting; and WHEREAS, the Board has the responsibility to regulate the commercial use of the common property within Legacy Park; and WHEREAS, the Board wishes to revise the rules as set forth herein. NOW, THEREFORE, it is agreed as follows: Any such written request must provide, at a minimum:Read More →