A Shed Car Covers RV/Trailer/Boat in my driveway Colored Blinds or Curtains (other than white backed curtains or blinds) Statuary in the front yard Rocks as ground cover (unless it’s been approved for drainage) The answer for all of these is NO.Read More →

Are you tired of your landscaping? Need to paint the house? Want to put in a hot tub? These are all things that need approval from the Architectural Review Committee BEFORE you do them. In a nutshell, anything you’d like to change or add outside requires written approval from ARC. It’s how we keep up with what changes home owners are making and a way to keep our values up, even if that means saying no sometimes. For example, you want to revamp the front bed in your yard. You would need to fill out a modification form and provide detail about your project. TheseRead More →

Excerpt from Legacy Park Design Guidelines – Revised February 21, 2008 Modification and Violation Appeal Process 4.0 Any resident wishing to appeal a denied modification or violation charge has the right to appear before an Association Committee assigned by the Board to hear appeals, including the Board of Directors itself (hereinafter referred to as “Appeals Body”). The homeowner has ten (10) days after the receipt of the violation notice to make a written request to have the appeal heard. No appeal will go to the Board of Directors without initially being heard by the Appeals Body, unless the Appeals Body is the Board of DirectorsRead More →