Safety Break

The pools will be cleared of people sixteen (16) and under once per hour for a period of 10 minutes. These breaks will be taken 10 minutes before the hour. During this break, lifeguards will not be on duty, the pool will be closed, and neither the lifeguards nor Swim Atlanta shall be responsible for people using the pool during the break.

If there is an issue at the pool, PLEASE let the lifeguards or HOA staff know. The quickest way to resolve a problem is when it is happening. If the lifeguard cannot help, ask for the supervisor on duty.

Inclement Weather

This is the policy for bad weather & the pools that are managed by Swim Atlanta!

At their sole discretion, Nautix may clear the swimming pool of any and all patrons when weather conditions warrant such action:

  • Lightning: Patrons will be cleared from the pool for 30 minutes after the last instance of lightning.
  • Thunder: Patrons will be cleared from the pool at the first sound of thunder and will not be allowed back into the pool for 30 minutes from the last instance of hearing thunder.
  • Rain: Patrons will be cleared from the pool when it is no longer possible to see the bottom of the deepest point of the pool.

Pool Rules

  • All persons using the pools do so at their own risk and responsibility.
  • All children 3 years old and younger and any child not potty-trained MUST wear snug fitting plastic pants or a water-resistant swim diaper.
  • A fine of $100 will apply to negligent members who allow their child/guests to enter the pool without the proper swimming attire and cause the pool to close due to fecal contamination.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a person over the age of 16 at all times. 
  • Persons between the ages of 12-15 may be unaccompanied ONLY during lifeguard hours.
  • All swimmers must wear swimsuits; the HOA and/or lifeguards have the final decision on determining appropriate swim attire.
  • NO spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, etc. in the pool.
  • NO persons with open sores or cuts or that have an infectious or communicable disease which can be transmitted by water, shall be permitted to enter the pool.
  • NO running, pushing, wrestling or boisterous conduct is permitted in the pool area.
  • NO glass, sharp objects or hazardous materials in or around the pool area.
  • NO animals are allowed in the pool. 
  • NO profanity of any kind is permitted.
  • NO smoking in the pool or inside the fenced area.
  • NO person is permitted on the lifeguard stands at any time, except the lifeguards.
  • All persons using the pools should do so with the utmost care and caution to avoid accidents and injury, not only to themselves but to others.
  • The lifeguard’s word will be final in matters of pool rule enforcement.
  • In the event of an emergency dial 911.

Please note that the pools may close periodically for swim team meets, practice, and other scheduled Legacy Park activities.