Safety Break The pools will be cleared of people sixteen (16) and under once per hour for a period of 10 minutes. These breaks will be taken 10 minutes before the hour. During this break, lifeguards will not be on duty, the pool will be closed, and neither the lifeguards nor Swim Atlanta shall be responsible for people using the pool during the break. If there is an issue at the pool, PLEASE let the lifeguards or HOA staff know. The quickest way to resolve a problem is when it is happening. If the lifeguard cannot help, ask for the supervisor on duty. Inclement WeatherRead More →

In Legacy Park, we’re incredibly proud of the men and women who have served our country. Each Veterans Day, we line Legacy Park Blvd with signs noting name, rank, and branch of military service, so our neighbors can be recognized for their service.  Click here for a special Thank You to our Legacy Park Veterans!Read More →

We love to show our appreciation for our military service members! Please fill out the form below to provide information for our Military Appreciation Signs that are displayed in the neighborhood. Please note that the name fields auto-complete with the account holder’s information, so if you are registering for someone else, please double check that the correct name is in the box before submission.Read More →

Congratulations to the Overall Winner in Palisades! 3890 Butterstream Way – The Heglund Family Annandale: 4036 Annandale Main – The Jones Family Bellingrath: 3964 Bellingrath Main – The Stoll Family Carillon: 4236 Carillon Trace – The Friedrichs Family Gramercy: 4244 Piedmont Landing – The Wogon Family Highcroft: 4207 Cornell Crossing – The Rojas Family Kentmere: 4188 Winthrop Downs – The Scheerer Family Lullwater: 3182 Hartness Way – The Bluestein Family Madison: 3980 Madison Main – The Buran Family Northgate: 2692 Chadwick Lane – The Majid Family Olmsted: 2344 Holden Way – The Tatum Family Revere: 3511 Brandywine Road – The Blackwell Family Winterthur: 2973 WinterthurRead More →

Remember that your 2021 HOA Assessments are due by January 31st! The HOA accepts credit cards, electronic funds transfers and checks as payment. To utilize the credit card or electronic funds transfer option, please login to your Buildium owner portal. Questions regarding the portal should be directed to the HOA office or send an email to Keep in mind that USPS delays may affect your payment if you choose to mail a check. The United States Postal Service has been experiencing significant delays due to increased volume and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their workforce. As a result, mail-in payments may beRead More →

Thank you to everyone who participated in the newsletter survey sent on September 10th. Look for a new survey to be email on October 2nd about future Legacy Park amenities. We look forward to reading what is important to our residents!Read More →

It’s been a trying time this past month as the Legacy Park Community has dealt with death, illness and other family issues.  We know that so many in our community are hurting.   In this difficult time, there are limited opportunities to show our support. Despite the heaviness, we are craving unity and trying to find a way to display that.  We invite the Legacy Park Families to join in on a walk this Saturday, 9/19 at 6PM.  Residents can walk the circle, their streets or the trails. Take this time to pray or send positive thoughts to those in need, whatever you and your family are comfortable with. PleaseRead More →

Happy Garage Sale weekend, neighbors! Just a few reminders to make Friday & Saturday great: Please don’t tape signs to the light poles. This removes the paint when you take them off. Place them in the ground. Please drive slowly and cautiously. There will be parking issues. It’s garage sale weekend. Please be patient and know it all ends on Saturday. Happy selling! (Click Read More below to see the list)Read More →

For the past eight months, Legacy Park has been utilizing Buildium (an online Property Management Software). The software has multiple features which we feel will help us serve you better. The feature that we want to highlight in this article is the ability to view your owner ledger at any time. Many residents that have set up their accounts have taken advantage of making payments towards their 2021 homeowner’s dues so that they will not have the full amount to pay in January 2021. By setting up your account, you will be able to enter your bank information and make an electronic payment with noRead More →

Hello Legacy Park Residents! We are happy to announce that the Board has voted to open the Basketball Court on Friday, July 24. To use the Basketball Court, you will need to make a reservation. We are utilizing the same software we use for the Tennis Courts. If you do not already have access to the reservation system, you will need to email Candace Cole at with your name and address. She will then provide you access information to register for a time to reserve the court. Reservations can be made for 2-hour time blocks, Monday – Friday starting at 7:00 am. The courtRead More →

Hello neighbors! Many of you received the mail out today that includes how to sign up for Buildium. In case you missed it, please go to the Buildium resident log in here. Under “Where do you live?” you’ll select Legacy Park Community Association Inc. After selecting the association, you’ll see another drop down menu with unit #s. You will need your unit number. Your unit number is the first 2 letters of your street name followed by the first letter of your street type. For example, if you live at 1234 Main Street, your unit number is MAS1234. If you’d like to download the App,Read More →